To commemorate the late Mr Eric Pun Kwong Pui (LLB 1981, PCLL 1982) who has dedicated most of his life to music, family and friends set up the “Eric Pun Memorial Prize in Music” to recognize HKU law students who make outstanding musical achievements or contribution.

The annual award is made by a Selection Committee, comprising of representatives of the Faculty of Law and the Class of 1981, Dean of Students Affairs and Conductor of the HKU Law Alumni Choir. Since the Prize was launched in 2019-2020, more than 10 students have been recognized.

Grand Prize
2019-20: Charlotte Lam (Singing)
2020-21: Tammi Ng (Lyric writing)
2021-22: Justine Leung (Violin & Composing)
2022-23: Jennifer Ho (Violin, Piano & Singing); Vivienne Lam (Percussion)
2023-24: Wing Yeung (Singing)

Merit Prize (From 2022-23)
2022-23: Xun He (Singing); Brenda Lam (Violin, Piano & Singing); Peter Xi (Piano)
2023-24: Yoyo Chen (Singing); Jasper Jung (Singing); Chenyang Wu (Piano & Singing); Vivienne Yu (Erhu, Piano & Singing)

On 15 June 2024, at the first alumni choir concert “Popera” since the Prize was launched, Mrs Gloria Pun, Eric’s mother and Professor Hualing Fu, Dean of HKU Faculty of Law presented the prizes to awardees from this and previous years, though some were out of town. Then Ms Wing Yeung, this year’s winner, opened the Concert with her solo piece “Till there was you”. Other awardees Brenda Lam and Vivienne Yu performed as orchestra and choir members too.

Congratulations to all awardees and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of HKU law students who will make outstanding musical achievements or contribution.