The Hong Kong University (HKU) Faculty of Law celebrated its 55th anniversary with a spectacular “Popera” choir concert on 15 June 2024 at the Grand Hall, Lee Shau Kee Lecture Centre. The event was a testament to the enduring bonds forged among alumni and served as a major highlight of the anniversary celebrations.

Our performers comprise a full choir and accompanying orchestra, the vocalists and instrumentalists of which are either alumni or students of our beloved Faculty. After months of practice, each member poured their heart and soul into every note, delivered an incredible performance and resulting in a mesmerizing musical experience.

Under the expert guidance of Choir Chairman and Conductor, Mr. Jeffrey Sham, the choir and orchestra captivated the audience with their operatic renditions of popular songs. The repertoire included famous popera tunes by renowned artists and familiar titles were masterfully performed, showcasing the unique fusion of pop and opera.

The concert was not only a celebration of music but also a tribute to the long-lasting relationships formed within the HKU Faculty of Law community. The concert hall was packed with enthusiastic supporters, many of whom were alumni reconnecting with old classmates. As the audience reveled in the enchanting melodies, it was evident that the performers’ passion and dedication had created an unforgettable evening for all in attendance.

Huge congratulations to the HKU Law Alumni Choir on an outstanding concert!  We look forward to future performances and events that will continue to unite and inspire the HKU Faculty of Law community.