The success of the Faculty was made possible through the service and contribution of all academic and professional services colleagues. This year, the Faculty is pleased and proud to congratulate 12 colleagues on receiving the Long Service Awards and 4 colleagues who will retire or has retired in 2021. We are so proud of these loyal and valuable team members.

Long Service Awards recipients (from left): Mr Murphy Wong, Professor Say Goo, Ms Coria Cheng, Ms Jacqueline Wong, Ms Pian Yip, Dr Keith Hotten and Mr Wilson Chow

Retirees and Professor Hualing Fu, Dean of Law, (from left): Mr Leslie Wong, Ms Ngan Poon and Mr Raymond Lam (right)

Professor Yun Zhao, Head of Department of Law, and Ms Victoria Kwok, 15-year Long Service Award recipient

Ms Rebecca Lee, 15-year Long Service Award recipient, and Professor Johannes Chan