The 27th Recognition Ceremony organised by the Centre of Development and Resources for Students at The University of Hong Kong was held on April 27, with around 180 HKU staff, students and family members celebrating the triumphs together.  The Ceremony aims to honour and celebrate the outstanding achievements and exemplary attitude of HKU’s finest students from different backgrounds and to inspire the university community to learn from their dedication. This year, four types of awards have been presented to 130 students who have excelled exceptionally in co-curricular achievements and endeavours as well as for those who have made outstanding contributions to the University and the community.

Project Student
Achievement Award for Co-curricular Excellence Not Applicable Chan Chun Yan Natalie
Distinguished Service to the Community
  • “Live, Laugh and Love” Graduate House Pear Service Programme
Xiao Zhiming
  • Pokfulam Community Docents: A Resident-Led Community-Wide Collaboration on Conserving and Promoting Historical and Cultural Heritage of Pokfulam (University Hall, HKU)
Cheung Lap Wai

Leung Wai Hei

  • Project PLAY – Promoting Play Right for Kids’ Holistic Development
Man Hiu Lam
CEDARS Service Awards
  • Silver
Lau King Hung
  • Bronze
Chan Wai Hoo Hugo

Yau Ho Laam